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Od: "mch-wie" <mch-wie@*.pl>

Projekt zapoczatkowany w 2009, przewidywany koniec na czerwiec 2014
Pozdrawiam, M.Ch.


  • Od: Władysław Majewski <wladek.majewski@*.com>

    Przed czytaniem zaleca się profilaktyczne przygotowanie środków

    AGH University of Science and Technology received the prestigious award of
    the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which was granted for
    a particular activity in promotion of inventions on international arena in

    Presentation of diplomas and statuettes was held on the 11th February 2014
    in Copernicus Science Centre (Warsaw) during the opening of "XXI Stock
    Exchange Inventions awarded on international exhibitions and fairs
    innovation in 2013".
    (cytat za

    Ethical issues
    All of the research activities within INDECT project are carried out so as
    to ensure the appropriate balance between the protection of the rights of
    the individual and the protection of society. (...)

    The main objective of INDECT research is to make the monitoring and search
    process (and procedures) more automatic. (...) The value that will be
    added by deployment of INDECT research outcomes is that existing systems
    would operate with less human intervention, which will lower the level of
    subjective assessment and the number of human mistakes. This means less
    staff will be required for supervision of surveillance activities (e.g.
    monitoring of CCTV camera networks). This will resulting in less
    opportunities for illegitimate use of such information, or for human error
    to result in violations of the rights of the individual.(...)

    The algorithms that are under research are intended to be used solely in
    cases where this is justified.(...)

    The sentence: "if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear" is
    only true if every aspect of the criminal justice system works perfectly,
    on every occasion. Tools based on INDECT project research outcomes will
    provide EU Member States with the technology to ensure that decisions
    around public safety are based on the maximum amount of relevant
    information available.(...)

    Signed: INDECT Research Project Ethics Board


    *Q1.3: What behaviour is an "abnormal" behaviour?*

    A: As regards the definition of "abnormal behaviour", the term is not
    introduced by the INDECT Project, and it was formulated in the FP7 Work
    Programme. This term can be understood differently depending on a context.
    In our case we clearly understand abnormal behaviour as the one related to
    a threat or "criminal behaviour", and especially as behaviour related to
    serious criminal activities (e.g.: robberies, distribution of child
    pornography, etc.).

    Pytanie: czy prowadzenie badań i prac rozwojowych, które wymagają powołanie
    specjalnego zespołu zajmującego się propagandą jego poprawności etycznej,
    jest zachowanie wyczerpującym definicję zachowań nie mieszczących się w

    W Majewski
  • Od: "Halbersztadt Jozef (jothal)" <jozef.halbersztadt@*.com>

    Myśmy zajmowali się INDECTEM ze względu na wiodąca rolę AGH. Nieskutecznie
    jako ISOC-PL. Bardziej skutecznie jako Panoptykon. Panoptykonowi oferowano
    miejsce w tej Radzie Etyki. Co było pewnym wyzwaniem. Po przemyśleniach
    ustaliśmy zasadę, że nie będziemy przyjmować żadnych propozycji, które
    wiążą się z tajnością.

    Jeśli chodzi o sam INDECT. Jest to raczej skromny program, który
    prawdopodobnie stanowi przykrycie dla bardziej poważnych przedsięwzięć w
    tej branży.

    Tu jest ocena jednego z bardziej znanych ekspertów, Bena Hayesa z

    A few years ago news surfaced of an EU-funded initiative called INDECT. It
    was reported in much the same way as CLEAN IT.* INDECT had received €12
    million from the €1.4 billion EU security research programme* and claimed
    it would help develop the surveillance equivalents of GM foods, stem cell
    research and ‘fracking’.

    INDECT promised to develop face recognition, internet surveillance, smart
    CCTV and drones as part of suite of “threat detection tools”. People began
    to question the project’s credibility when it produced this terrible PR
    video, but by this time the cat was out of the bag and activists were
    telling the world that INDECT was building drones for FRONTEX (the EU
    border police), databases for EUROPOL (the EU police office) and targeting
    protest groups – *none of which was actually true* (ironically, an array of
    other little noticed EU-funded projects have effectively been doing just
    that). The widespread exaggeration and misrepresentation culminated in this
    hopelessly inaccurate video from Anonymous, which claimed that INDECT was
    about to be piloted at the London 2012 Olympics

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